Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Reduce down time and cost with sturdy interlock switches

The challenge: ensure both safety and productivity

A mechanical system designer at a machine tool manufacturer develops a machining center that is capable of processing multiple machining operations in one unit for an auto-parts manufacturer.

In a machining center, a work needs to be prepared for the next machining process when one machining process is complete, which creates the need of opening and closing the door frequently. A door is equipped with an interlock switch as a device to ensure safety, however, after repeated use over many years, the interlock switch might fail due to rattling door or rough handling of the door. When such an incident occurs, the machine stops to cause down time. If it occurs frequently, customers may file complaints. Maintenance work to prevent such situation from occurring takes labor and cost. With many requests from customers to reduce both downtime and maintenance cost, he was not sure what to do.

IDEC solved the problem for him, using one product. Which product did IDEC use?

Solve the problem with sturdy interlock switches that have double the mechanical durability compared to the conventional switches