Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Reduce unintended downtime caused by relay failures

Improve the decrease in production efficiency caused by downtime

A A machine design engineer at a machine tool manufacturer was responsible for designing operation and safety systems of machines. With his focus on achieving the coexistence of humans and machines, he was trying to achieve both safety and production efficiency at workplace.

In designing processes where operators set up tools and materials and machines carry out the following processes, the issue was the unintended downtime caused by the failures of interlock switches installed on safety guards and safety doors. When the controller is connected to the solenoid unit of the interlock switch through a relay, if the relay fails, the safety door is locked. The designer felt that the downtime was a waste of time each time this failure occurred.

IDEC solved the problem of unintended downtime caused by safety relay failures, using a certain product. What did IDEC do?

Reduce the cause of failures using interlock switches that do not require relays