New cost reduction method to detect transparent films in TAB processes

Detecting transparent objects is difficult and expensive high performance sensors need to be used

In TAB processes where LSI and flexible circuit boards (TAB tape) are bonded, the protective film is removed from the TAB tape before bonding. When the film is removed, the film may rip due to abnormal tension, etc. To prevent the machine from continuously producing defective products, the sensor plays an important role in this process to detect whether the film is infallibly removed and stops the machine in case of an error.
However, transparent films are not easy to detect. Most machine manufacturers usually use high performance ultrasonic sensors to ensure accuracy. Although general-purpose photoelectric sensors can be used in order to reduce cost, the question of detection performance remains. TAB machine designers may have issues in responding to the needs of manufacturing floors to keep equipment costs down while improving performance at the same time.

Photoelectric sensors that reliably detect transparent films