How can major losses be avoided from damage on EMO switches of semiconductor manufacturing machines?

Risks of major losses from EMO switch damage

In semiconductor manufacturing, the most important challenge is how to keep the productivity of factories high while keeping machines operating. There are processes where dangerous solvents and chemicals are used and if power supply is cut due to emergency stop switches that shut down the power to machines, a dangerous secondary condition such as gas leak may occur. Thus, SEMI, the semiconductor industry safety standards, requires EMO switches be installed to close only the load areas that created dangerous conditions and to keep the movement of other safety-related equipment. However, the mechanical structure of conventional EMO switches poses risks that circuits may not be interrupted even if the switches are pressed, if the switches are damaged due to excessive impact. Some of semiconductor manufacturing machine manufacturers would mostly likely have the need of improving safety of machines by minimizing such risks.

EMO switches with reliable safety mechanisms to securely shut off only the circuit under dangerous conditions