Manufacturing processes stopped because of a mistake during operation, which in turn, caused a large revenue loss…How do we prevent this situation from happening again?

A switch started operating when someone bumped into it. This simple error led to a serious situation

In the manufacturing process of semiconductors, improvement in throughput is always sought after and 24-hour operations are the norm.
Manufacturing processes is not allowed to stop unless it is for scheduled maintenance or emergency situations. Once a manufacturing process is stopped because of an unexpected error in operation, it impacts the whole series of processes up to the inspection machine, not just the machines in the previous and following processes. Also, re-starting a clean room requires a lot of time. No matter how the interface is situated on the semiconductor side, it is always possible that an elbow of the operator or a tool that the operator is holding will hit the machine and press a switch.

To prevent mistakes in operation, how about a flush switch without extended edges?